Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Morag Myerscough

Morag came to speak to us in university about her practice and works she is involved in.
She has set up her own cross disciplinary design practice, Studio Myerscough, in 1993, and over the last thirteen years she has worked with some ofthe most respected, design-led companies in the UK.
The integration of design and its environment is central to her approach, it is a complete approach not controlled by labels and limitations.

James Greenhow (Kilimanjaro magazine)

James Greenhow came in to talk to us about the work of the Phil Thomas Foundation.

The foundation has been set up to help support students on placement after graduation, and also help with your work and feedback whilst getting your degree. They have some great contacts and are really out to help us to take advantage guys!!
Nick Maggio

Juan Felipe Rubio

Behind the surface, underwater photography project (I love this image)

art photography and video Sam Taylor Wood

Inspired by type.....

Milhail Mihaylov type


Daniella spinat folded paper typeface

Army soldier alphabet

Walls are talking

Whitworth art gallery currently has an exhibition on called 'walls are talking' exhibition featuring wallpapers from such as Thomas Demand, Andy Warhol, and manny more. It was good to see the way in which some artists have pushed the boundaries of how we see wallpaper and the content of wallpaper design. some were about social issues and some were the more subtle. You initially see the wallpaper and think that it is a nice pattern, however on closer inspection it reveals that the images are of a ruder or taboo nature. Take a look for yourself!!
Marc Valli, editor in chief of elephant magazine

I went to a talk at Noiselab to see marc valli, the editor in chief of elephant magazine and founder of magma bookstore. It was interesting to hear about how he worked with freelance people and decisions made on the content feel, and look of what he wanted elephant to have.
He talked about how he decided and came about creating the magazine & he gave us a 10 step guide to creating your own magazine. They were: concept, market, finance, financial formula, editorial direction, structure & style, form a team, sales & distribution, quality control, and diversify.
Valli also talked about running magma shops in the north and south, also giving us advise about designing book covers.
The waiting room

The waiting room had an exhibition which featured works from all the previous designers & creatives who have exhibited there before. they also added some friends of mine work there. Good work guys!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Final images for Silence project promoting free speech.
I have used a simple layout as i would like the images to show the meaning through texture, light, and shapes formed. 

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Screen prints for my silence project

Layering up photographs, photocopying, then screen printing over the top creates great shapes and texture to the image. I am now going to experiment and see how these images work for my project with creating hand out booklets and poster design. 

Resistance, Dont Panic

My new project is on resistance, where i am looking at breaking the rules and being different. Photographing thread and layering creates lines and shapes that really show freedom of the individual.

Hamish Muir

Hamish muir came in to talk about his design career and the work he has produced over the past years. hamish co-foundered 8vo with mark holt and simon johnston. Producing many album covers & promotional material for factory records as well as record covers for the band duritti column.
 8vo had a very hands on approach to design, they would make full size collage pieces by hand and stick/paint/cut to size for each project and then document them as they developed the work. most of the work had strong bright typographical elements.

Helen Murgatroyd

helen murgatroyd came in to talk to us about her work and life after graduating from the d&ad couple of years ago. She then went onto do an ma in printmaking at the royal college of art in london after a gap year as a post lady doing sketches as she delivered the post. Her work from her third year at mmu still influences the work she is currently doing at royal college at present. Focusing on the process of creating something & the wonderful journey of experimenting her work has a really nice feel to it and shown above her mapping sketches of a house really captures her style. 

Craig Oldham

craig oldham came in to talk to us about 12in12,a booklet of the twelve things he had learnt in his first twelve months of finishing university. 
the twelve things included:
understand what graphic design means to you
be honest with yourself about your strengths & weaknesses
a portfolio is for life, not just for an interview
placements matter, do them
the design industry is small, everyone knows everybugger else
participate with other people & share your ideas
graphic design is just a job, but being a designer is different
fall off your bike, if you don't fail then you are not trying
life & work exist outside of london
designing is only about 20% of your job
have a life outside of design
work hard & be nice to people

craig use to work for the chase but currently working at design by music. He was really honest and good sense of humour. One final tip was to learn how to make a good cup of tea=-)

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

yulia brodskaya's paper-cut illustrations:
yulia brodskaya is a russian born graphic designer / illustrator now based in london. she specializes in a paper art techniques to create distinctive typography and interested in diverse creative practices ranging from Textile Painting, Origami and Collage to more traditional Fine Art practices. Following an MA in Graphic Communication (2006, University of Hertfordshire) she has continued to experiment and explore ways of bringing together all the things she likes most: typography, paper, and highly detailed hand-made craft objects. I just love the intricacy of her art and the beautiful images made.

British artist Su Blackwell hit on an unusual way to bring storybooks to life – by fashioning their pages into origami-like sculptures. Her intricately worked scenes are 3D illustrations of the stories they are made of. The artist says they are 'often pervaded by a sense of loneliness, since the stories on which they are based are rather sad'. 

Faltjahr 2010 is a paper pop-up art project by Johann Volkmer. 12 motifs for 12 months, The Faltjahr 2010 project shows what paper is capable of. I love how the shapes are formed and the structure and organization of paper can look so good. 
Check his work out here:

Alex Ostrowski: Visiting lecture

Alex from YCN came to talk to us about who they are and the changes that they are making within their design agency. Recently graduating, Alex joined the studio last year after doing an internship with them. 

YCN began as an awards program for young creatives in 2001, Partnered with brands as big as orange and Ben & Jerry's. 

Alex showed us pictures of the new trophy they are giving away, a rubber cast of the letter A, for the student awards and a wooden one for the practicing designers. 

Internships are also available within YCN, taking on six students on at a time, last year they did this for the first time and it worked really well and the students created some really nice work. So for further information keep your eye on the website. 

Let the Right One In
Tuesday film night: Iv seen the film once before, and for the second time i really enjoyed watching it. The film has as the way through beautiful music and art direction, due to the lighting and setting of the backgrounds it felt soft and not hidden jumpy scenes but open to what was happening.. It was a slightly disturbing story between two kids, and how the girls's killing spree in the town didn't effect their friendship ...was she in love with him or comforting his loneliness?Films like this always make me think of the other life and if they are real or not? Its surreal and abstract, everything that happened all happened for a reason.

Graham came to show us some of his work- mainly on promoting himself as a designer. Self Promotion is something that you should always think about.  Its this stage where I as a designer must shout out and be original to get noticed, differentiate between the other thousand designers that will graduate with me. 

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Creating leaflets for my silence project. 
Pop up is the new flat!!! 
I have continued using the same abstract shapes that i have used throughout my project. I think these have come out really nice.